Diana West: Trump “has signed up with some of the main culprit military leaders in our 16-year failure in Afghanistan”

Extract embedded, below. Full audio interview with Audrey Russo 8/24/17 posted here: http://www.audreyrusso.com/Diana_West_0817_intro.mp3

Transcript of this extract:

[Diana West]: “I don’t believe there are any core American interests in Afghanistan. End of story. And what he [Trump] is doing is he has signed up with some of the main culprits in our 16-year failure [in Afghanistan]. And that would be generals Nicholson, Votel, Dunford, and Mattis (…and others…but those are of course the biggies) and this is very disturbing because what they imagine some indetermined [indeterminate] number of Americans can do now that 150,000 troops couldn’t do over that 16-year period, I do not know. But it is a very worrisome thing, because this continued engagement to stand up a Sharia state, where there is no freedom of speech, is going on while we are not addressing the threats to our freedom of speech in our own country. Including the incursion of jihadis across the Western world through immigration, migration, refugee resettlement and the rest of it. So re-engaging in Afghanistan could not be a worse move, and I just bemoan this decision.”

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