My Discussion With Steve Malzberg of the Canonical Islamic Jew-Hatred Which Incited Bloody October in Israel

Last Tuesday, November 3, 2015, I taped an interview with Steve Malzberg which aired Friday evening, November 7th. We discussed, in brief, the “jihad of the knife” attacks on Jews in Israel by Palestinian Muslims, whose grisly “results” for Bloody October, 2015 included 48 stabbings, 5 car rammings, 5 shootings, 11 Israeli Jews killed, and 132 injured. Our exchange riveted upon the canonical Islamic rationale for such jihadism and annihilationist Jew-hatred, rationalized and fomented by the “Godfather” of the Palestinian Muslim movement, Hajj Amin el-Husseini, since 1918 [see here; here; & free pdf download, here], i.e., 7 to 8-years before the first publication of the 2-volumes of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, in 1925-26. The Bloody October, 2015 jihadist attacks were incited by the same canonical themes of Islamic Jew-hatred, Jews as apes and pigs (Koran 5:60), as uttered by Muhammad himself before he orchestrated the mass killing of the Banu Qurayza Jews, ultimately beheading them himself, and  Muhammad’s genocidal  “end of times declaration” that the Jews needed to be slaughtered en masse to usher in Islam’s messianic age.

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