Allen West—True Leadership at CPAC

Standing head and shoulders above the hollow poseurs at CPAC, Allen West imparted uncompromised wisdom on matters ranging from personal responsibility, to a clear-eyed defense against the existential threat of the global jihad.

 West is a paragon of the humility and courage so sorely lacking in contemporary American political leadership.

 Yesterday (Saturday, 2/20/10) he spoke about the dream instilled in him by his father and mother to “become a victor not a victim,” through personal responsibility.

 And on Friday (2/19/10), he identified—again—the enemy ideology—totalitarian Islam, and our shoddy military and intellectual defenses against this modern scourge:

 … our leaders MUST be held accountable for national security.  War on Terror?  NO.  A nation does not go to war against a tactic.  A nation goes to war against an ideology.  Islam is a totalitarian, theocratic political ideology that seeks to control the globe and which must be stopped.”  West continued: “We must regain the initiative against this enemy.  Current rules of engagement are crippling and killing our soldiers.  We are paralyzing ourselves with political correctness.  Identifying the enemy is NOT profiling, it is trend analysis and common sense.  When tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide.  As Ronald Reagan once responded when asked to define victory, ‘WE WIN – THEY LOSE.’

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