Discussion: Corker Bill on Iran Nuke Deal Abdicates Congressional Responsibility, Capitulates to “Warmongering” Calumny

Yesterday (Thursday 4/16/15) I discussed my Wednesday 4/15 blog on the Corker “compromise”—in reality a full capitulation to the Obama Administration’s dangerous Iran negotiations—with Steve Malzberg. The interview is embedded, below. Having actually read the bill, its central point of … Continue reading

Lecture: Turning a Blind Eye to Iran’s Calls For Genocide—The Legacy of Jihad and Shiite Islamic Jew-Hatred in Iran

I gave the lecture, “Turning a Blind Eye to Iran’s Calls For Genocide—The Legacy of Jihad and Shiite Islamic Jew-Hatred in Iran,” followed by a question and answer session, February 4, 2015 at The Lawfare Project, hosted by its Director, … Continue reading

Shameful Corker “Compromise” Is a Triumph For The Obama Administration’s Iran Negotiations Strategy

Yesterday, April 14, 2015 a much ballyhooed “compromise” regarding S.615, “Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015.” was unanimously agreed upon within the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Independent Politico.com, and Washington Post assessments of critical aspects of the lauded compromise … Continue reading

The Iranian Nuke Weapons Threat & Fox News: Islamic Jihad is Iran’s Animating Ideology, NOT “Persian Merchant Culture”

Yesterday (Sunday 4/12/15) I discussed the Iranian nuclear weapons threat with Lisa Benson. Her spontaneous opening reference (which I had not seen till I went to the catalogued Fox news video clip online this morning) was to a thoroughly uninformed … Continue reading

Iran Circa 1957: “Fossilized Unchanging Religion”; “The Bulk of the Population Unchanged by Reforms” Plus Ça Change…?

Just over four decades ago, Islamologist Maxime Rodinson (d. 2004) observed how Western academic treatment of Islam had devolved into reverent fetishism. “Understanding [of Islam] has given way to apologetics pure and simple,” Rodinson lamented. The musings of the late … Continue reading

My Discussion of Iran Nuke “Deal” and Islamic “Treaties”: Our State Department Now Ignores What It Knew Well in 1880

Below are extracts from a report by WND’s Leo Hohmann on the Iran nuke negotiations. Leo asked me to provide background on the Islamic Law “principles” which must be understood when examining such negotiations. It has become axiomatic in our … Continue reading