Desantis vs. Dementia: Hurricane Ian Recovery as a Metaphor for U.S. Recovery?

Images from C-SPAN recording of presser, 10/5/22.

Florida Governor Ron Desantis spoke first and the podium was already adorned with the POTUS seal. Desantis was practical and poised. Our clinically demented POTUS Biden, in contrast, invoked climate scientology, despite countervailing evidence from the relevant federal agency he oversees, NOAA (see data below).

NOAA report, “Global Warming and Hurricanes—An Overview of Current Research Results,” updated October 3, 2022:

“There is no strong evidence of century-scale increasing trends in U.S. landfalling hurricanes or major hurricanes, Similarly for Atlantic basin-wide hurricanes (after adjusting for observing capabilities), there is not strong evidence for an increase since the late 1800s in hurricanes, major hurricanes, or the proportion of hurricanes that reach major hurricane intensity.”

The NOAA report cites this paper, Vecchi, G.A., Landsea, C., Zhang, W. et al. “Changes in Atlantic major hurricane frequency since the late-19th century.” Nat Commun 12, 4054 (2021).

“To evaluate past changes in frequency, we have here developed a homogenization method for Atlantic hurricane and major hurricane frequency over 1851–2019. We find that recorded century-scale increases in Atlantic hurricane and major hurricane frequency, and associated decrease in USA hurricanes strike fraction, are consistent with changes in observing practices and not likely a true climate trend. After homogenization, increases in basin-wide hurricane and major hurricane activity since the 1970s are not part of a century-scale increase, but a recovery from a deep minimum in the 1960s–1980s.”


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