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CV update (September 2022)


Prospective study of healthcare workers reveals 2nd covid-19 mRNA vaccine booster (i.e., 4th shot) is associated with “a higher incidence of myocardial injury (0.6%) during active monitoring for cardiac biomarkers in vaccine recipients with no clinical evidence of myocarditis”

Link to study abstract. Link to full pdf of in press study: Asymp Myocardial Injury after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Fourth dose “…two participants out of 324 (0.6%) were found to have an acute myocardial injury in the days following vaccine … Continue reading

“Yes, We Have No Buonnanos?”–Despite Bickering, Helena Buonnano Foulkes & Dan McKee BOTH Agreed With Dr. Scott’s Disastrous Covid-19 Policies in RI

My remarks to Matt Allen 9/12/22

N. Engl J. Med: Naturally-acquired SARS-CoV-2 immunity in 5-11 year old N. Carolina children conferred significantly greater & more enduring protection against covid-19 hospitalization than full mRNA (BNT162b) covid-19 vaccination–Data from 887.2K children in the months when omicron was predominant

Full pdfs of research letter and its supplement can be downloaded just below. Res letter: nejmc NC data letter Suppl: nejm nc suppl I made the following figure from the raw data provided in the supplement which disingenuously recorded follow-up … Continue reading

9/11 Should Remind Americans of the Shared Totalitarian “Religious Visions” of Islam and Its 20th Century Spawn, Communism

A reminder form late June, 2019: From Islam’s Shahada To Communism’s Credo: Shared Totalitarian “Religious” Visions Posted on 26th June 2019 | A century ago, in April, 1918, the Burlington Vermont Daily News, captured, unintentionally, the quintessential, shared ideological roots of Neo-Marxist Bernie Sanders’ Red … Continue reading

Duke Ellington’s “Queen’s Suite,” Recorded April 4, 1959, & Dedicated to The Late Queen Elizabeth II 0:00 Sunset and the Mocking Bird 3:51 Lightning Bugs and Frogs 6:45 Le Sucrier Velours 9:33 Northern Lights 13:11 The Single Petal of a Rose 17:19 Apes and a Peacocck Backgrounder here, “When Duke Ellington Made a Record for … Continue reading

RIP, Queen Elizabeth II: A Note on Islamic vs. British Imperialism in India

R.C. Majumdar. The history and culture of the Indian people. Vol. 6: the Delhi sultanate, 1960, p. 623 “Whether we look at the intrinsic importance of the posts, or the number of them filled up by the subject people, the … Continue reading

Projo/RIDOH Promote Covid-19 “Bivalent” Vaccine Booster Ignoring The Fact That Its “Scientific Basis” Rests Upon ~10 Mice…All Of Whom Got Infected After Vaccination!

Covid-19 “reporting in Rhode Island is shamelessly biased toward unquestioning pro-vaccine advocacy, i.e., the confessed Ricci Rules for RI media, which disqualify “negative reporting” on vaccines (or masking). Today’s G. Wayne Miller Projo “backgrounder” on the new “bivalent” covid-19 vaccine … Continue reading

Updated: Pfizer mRNA Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis and Myocarditis With Spike Protein Deposition Evident in the Brain and Heart at Autopsy, in the Absence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: “Serious neurological & cardiac complications raise doubt concerning safety of gene-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccines”

Full peer reviewed paper has now been published in Vaccines: Moerz_Encepahilits and Myocarditis after C19 mRNA vax in a 77yo Full pdf here: German 77yo with myocarditis brain inflammation and spike protein detectable_preprints202206.0308.v2 Citation: Mörz, M. A Case Report: Multifocal … Continue reading