RIDOH Recommended School Mask Mandates May 19th and 20th, 2022 When Average Primary Covid-19 Pediatric Hospitalizations Were <1 Per Week

An update of this blog.

Friday, August 5, 2022 I finally obtained (by Access to Public Records Act request) the data summarized in the image below (and this full pdf: APRA request Only 15 Peds Hosps Feb 13 to June 4).

What they reveal is that during the 16-week period from February 13, 2022 through June 4, 2022 there were a total of only 15 primary covid-19 pediatric hospitalizations (for ages 0 to 17 years-old), as determined by Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) criteria.

Notwithstanding this clinically meaningless, low ebb trickle of covid-19 pediatric hospitalizations, RIDOH issued two memos recommending Rhode Island public schools re-institute compulsory masking (see RIDOH memos dated 5/19/22 and 5/20/22).

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