Read Letter: “No College Mandates” Alerts Ivy League Presidents to Brown University’s Silence on a Student’s Post-COVID-19 Vaccination Myopericarditis

Brown University case elaborated here.

“No College Mandates” Substack posting of Letter.

The recipients and the body of the letter are below.

–Dr. Christina Paxson, Brown University

–Dr. Lee Bollinger, Columbia University

–Dr. Martha Pollack, Cornell University

–Dr. Philip Hanlon, Dartmouth College

–Dr. Lawrence Bacow, Harvard University

–Mr. Christopher Eisgruber, Princeton University

–Ms. Liz Magill, University of Pennsylvania

–Dr. Peter Salovey, Yale University

“Dear _________,

We write to bring to your attention an article written by Andrew Bostom, M.D. M.S., an academic clinical trialist and epidemiologist, who is currently a Research Physician at the Brown University Center For Primary Care and Prevention of Kent-Memorial Hospital in Rhode Island. The article, “Brown University’s Silence on Post-Vaccine Myocarditis”, highlights the magnetic resonance imaging from 14 cases of otherwise healthy young men of college age “hospitalized for myopericarditis after covid-19 mRNA vaccination, between January and September, 2021”.


One of the 14 vaccine-injured young men is almost certainly a Brown University student who was given early access to vaccination in March 2021 to continue his volunteer work at The Miriam Hospital in Rhode Island. Dr. Bostom’s article provides an eyewitness caregiver account of a 20-year-old Brown student hospitalized at the Miriam in March 2021 for myopericarditis within four days of receiving his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID mRNA vaccine. Key details of this eyewitness account were corroborated independently by Dr. Bostom using two deidentified databases he has been studying for months, the national Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and the Rhode Island Department of Health’s statewide compilation of Rhode Island hospitalization discharges for 2021.

Brown University was aware of this injury, yet did not issue a “safety alert” to its student body even as, two months later, Brown – along with all other Ivy League colleges – launched an aggressive mandatory COVID-19 vaccination campaign. The University has never disclosed this hospitalization, ignoring the established ethics of risk/benefit-based informed consent.

We are aware that the injury sustained by this student and the silence on the part of Brown is not an isolated case. Our organization is aware of injuries and deaths following mandatory COVID-19 injections at many colleges and universities, including at Ivy League institutions. We are concerned that mandates continue and no disclosure of these injuries is being made.

COVID-19 vaccine mandates are forcing risk of very serious side effects on students without proper informed consent. Further, since we now know that these shots do not prevent infection and transmission, and that the college-age population is at near-zero risk of serious outcomes from COVID-19 infection, mandates are insupportable by data. Moreover, we know of no specific COVID pneumonia hospitalization of an otherwise healthy student. Since such data are not reported on college dashboards, we must conclude there are none.

As the president of an Ivy League institution, you are in a position to set the ethical standard for other colleges across the nation. We urge you to lead by investigating and disclosing all vaccine-induced injuries in your community and restoring medical choice by lifting your institution’s mandates immediately. The safety and well-being of your community and the reputation of your institution depends upon it.

Yours truly,

Joni McGary and Lucia Sinatra, Co-founders, No College Mandates

Andrew Bostom, M.D., MS”


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