[VIDEO] Andrew Bostom 1/14/20 Newsmax Interview: Trump’s righteous support of Iranian demonstrators opposing Iran’s Shiite theocracy

Newsmax interview of Dr. Andrew Bostom with Chris Salcedo, 1/14/20 (full interview here).

I discussed POTUS Trump’s righteous support of Iranian demonstrators who want a complete end to Shiite theocratic governance—Iran’s traditional paradigm from 1501-1925, and 1979 to the present, since the Pahlavi’s were forced out in a popular religious putsch. The current protests, which have been simmering for over 2-years, are a far cry from the 2009 (Soylent) Green Movement demonstrations. (See: “Iranians Are Revolting Against the 2009 Sharia-Based (Soylent) Green Movement, Too“) The “Greens” were themselves supporters of a Shiite theocratic order, albeit not Ahmadinejad & his coterie. I argued that Democrats should join POTUS Trump in opposing Iran’s Shiite theocratic rule–Sharia abnegation of all basic freedoms like expression & conscience, & promulgation of jihad terrorism


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