At NYC Rally, Mort Klein Identifies The Scourge of Islamic Antisemitism in America, Demands U.S. Imams Preaching Annihilationist Jew-Hatred Be Condemned And Fired [VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT]

Mort Klein’s statements made at this Manhattan rally against Antisemitism, Sunday, September 22, 2019. [Embedded video, followed by hperlink-referenced transcript]

“It pains me to say that an ADL (Anti-Defamation League, 2017) survey shows that 34%–according to the ADL—of Muslims in America are Antisemitic (i.e., exhibit extreme Antisemitism, agreeing with ≥ 6/11 Antisemitic stereotypes). It pains me and frightens me to say that Muslim imams around the country (documented here; herehereherethrough early 2019)—in North Carolina, New Jersey, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere—have been videotaped preaching the genocidal (sic) Koranic (note: a canonical hadith from the most authoritative collections of these traditions, Bukhari [3593] and Muslim [2921], but not Koranic), which is repeated in the Hamas Charter (article 7). And they proclaim (per this hadith, Bukhari [3593] and Muslim [2921]), “Come and kill the Jew hiding behind a rock, or a tree”—these imams are preaching.

These Muslim imams accuse Jews of being Nazis and Fascists. They demand to cleanse the Temple Mount (in Jerusalem) of the filth of the Jews, say these imams. They urge turning Jerusalem and Palestine into a graveyard for the Jews—here in America, they’re stating this in sermons, and they’re demanding to annihilate the Jews, one by one. These sermons are happening throughout America (here; herehereherethrough early 2019). Jewish leaders and political leaders—and, yes, Muslim leaders—must condemn these sermons and demand these Muslim imams be immediately fired and terminated. They haven’t been.”

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