Links to My Recent Pajamas Media and Breitbart News Essays, and Breitbart Daily News Interviews, 12/23/15-1/12/16

A Muslim Yellow Badge of Moral Cretinism: Denying Islam’s ~1100 Year Legacy & Expropriating The Holocaust (Dec. 23, 2015)

Islam and the Global Epidemic of Muslim Jew-Hatred

Muhammad’s Example Shapes Islamic State Ruling on Female Sex Slavery

Jew-Hating Turkish President ‘Mas-Kom-Ya’ Erdogan Extols Hitler’s Presidency

SEXUAL TERRORISM: All the Perfumes of Eurabia Won’t Sweeten the Sharia Stench of Cologne


Andrew Bostom: ‘Jew Hatred’ Fundamental To Islam

Dr. Andrew Bostom discusses Turkish President Erdogan praising Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s presidency and his history of Jew hatred

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