My Discussion of Failed US See No Real Islam Policy and the Paris Jihad Carnage With WCRN’s Gary Goldman, 11/15/15

I discussed (embedded below) the Paris jihad carnage of November 13, 2015 with WCRN’s Gary Goldman in light of hard data such as these: the Six Country Immigrant Integration Comparative Survey among 9000 Muslim immigrants in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Sweden: 75% want only one interpretation of the Koran; 65% favor Sharia over Western law.

I also examined the ongoing see-no-real Islam (see here; here) U.S./Gen. Petraeus so-called “counter-insurgency (COIN)” doctrine a now proven failure, 14-years after 9/11, which relies upon “cooperation” with hatemongering Muslim nations such as “moderate Jordan.” Muslim Jordan, with vox populi infidel hatred recently held a mass celebration for the “martyr” murderer of a Jordanian policeman who killed two US contractors involved with Jordan’s alleged “anti-terrorism” efforts, amidst Muslim 1000s chanting “death to America” (see video of burial itself, here)

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