The Iran Nuke Deal and Why It Is a BIPARTISAN FIASCO, Discussed With Sam Sorbo

Years of feckless, bipartisan U.S. policy failures vis-à-vis Iran have now culminated in the dangerous, destabilizing agreement relentlessly pursued by the Obama Administration, and announced earlier today, Tuesday, July 15, 2015. This travesty of a “deal”—fully abetted by the Corker-Cardin bill’s abject capitulation, which brave, thoughtful Sen. Tom Cotton, alone (98 to 1) voted against—is punctuated by the complete absence of even appropriate inspections regimen constraints on the takiya-redolent, jihadist Iranian regime. That abject criminal neglect on the part of U.S. negotiators is spelled out in this self-explanatory, Item 78, p. 43 of the 159 pp. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action also released today.

“If the absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities or activities inconsistent with the JCPOA cannot be verified after the implementation of the alternative arrangements agreed by Iran and the IAEA, or if the two sides are unable to reach satisfactory arrangements to verify the absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities or activities inconsistent with the JCPOA at the specified locations within 14 days of the IAEA’s (International Atomic Energy Agency’s) original request for access, Iran, in consultation with the members of the Joint Commission, would resolve the IAEA’s concerns through necessary means agreed between Iran and the IAEA. In the absence of an agreement, the members of the Joint Commission, by consensus or by a vote of 5 or more of its 8 members, would advise on the necessary means to resolve the IAEA’s concerns. The process of consultation with, and any action by, the members of the Joint Commission would not exceed 7 days, and Iran would implement the necessary means within 3 additional days.”

Thus Iran would have in total up to 14+ 7+ 3=24 days to conceal potential nuclear weapons facilitating activities, effectively gutting the so-called “inspections” regimen.

My radio interview with Sam Sorbo this morning, embedded below, elucidated these points.

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