Why Fox News Must Make Rare Guest Three Star Gen Dan Bolger A Regular Commentator on the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars

General Daniel P. Bolger is a History Professor at North Carolina State University, and retired Three Star General, who served from 2005-2013, in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I put General Bolger’s sagacious, experience-based written observations in the context of the overall failure, if much ballyhooed transient “success,” of the 2007 U.S. “troop surge” in Iraq, in a May 29, 2015 PJ Media essay, “Jihad, the Failed ‘Surge,’ and the Abandonment of Iraq’s Non-Muslim Minorities”. (That essential background can be read here).

This past November, 2014, General Bolger had a brief appearance with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, in conjunction with the initial release of his critical (including a remarkably candid personal mea culpa) analysis, “Why We Lost—A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars”.

Fox News has an ethical obligation to make General Bolger a regular contributor—akin, for example, to the ubiquitous exposure given to retired General Jack Keane—to provide some balance to its otherwise decidedly warped coverage of the troubled U.S. geostrategic legacy in both these theaters of the raging global jihad. Sincere commitment to objective public education demands such a true “fair and balanced” approach.

General Bolger’s O’Reilly interview is embedded below

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