Discussion With Sam Sorbo of the Jihad Genocide of the Armenians on Its 100th Commemoration

Today, April 24, 2015 marks the solemn 100th anniversary of the jihad genocide of the Armenians by the Ottoman Muslim Turks, during World War I. Detailed background for my discussion of the Armenian Jihad Genocide with Sam Sorbo, earlier today (4/24/15), can be found in my PJ Media essay, and in summary form, at this blog.

Key points are highlighted, below, followed by the embedded interview.


From the Armenian Jihad Genocide to The Holocaust: “Who still talks nowadays of the extermination of the Armenians?”—Adolph Hitler, from a United States Chief Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality document, August 22, 1939, just prior to the brutal German invasion of Poland

The solemn centennial commemoration of the Armenian genocide is taking today, Friday, April 24, 2015. Failure to formally recognize the genocidal anti-Christian jihad depredations of the World War I era, and its immediate aftermathpunctuated by the Armenian genocide—is a lingering moral stain on the U.S. body politic. The geo-political consequences of this profound ethical and intellectual delinquency—rooted in jihad appeasement, and denial—are once again manifest. Vestigial remnant Eastern Christian populations who barely survived those 20th century jihad depredations, may now face their final liquidation, wrought by contemporary jihadists.

The historical record of the jihad genocide of the Armenians a century ago, through the present day jihadist atrocities against Christian communities in the Middle East, and beyond, demonstrates that ancient Islamic jihad war theory continues to be acted upon by Muslims, regularly, across the globe, till now.  What remains is for the Muslim religious and political leaders to acknowledge, and then eliminate this genocidal practice.A long overdue, mea culpa-based Muslim self-examination will never begin if the non-Muslim, especially Christian, targets of jihad genocide, remain in their own abject state of jihad denial.

Majority approval of H. Res 154 (the Armenian Genocide Truth and Justice Resolution) would mark a necessary, albeit very limited, first step in rectifying the continued tragic impact of this state of denial. U.S. politicians could help facilitate that Muslim re-evaluation process by not only demanding recognition of the Armenian genocide, but further identifying those mass killings as a jihad genocide, specifically.

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