Interview: How Muhammad’s “sacred” actions beget blasphemy killings, Islamic Jew-hatred, and jihadist atrocities

Janet Mefferd and I discussed my and PJ Media essays on how the prototype, “sacralized” behaviors of Islam’s prophet Muhammad—embedded into the Sharia, Islam’s all-encompassing religio-political “law”—were manifest on the streets of Copenhagen, and the beaches of Libya.

The scenes of murder and mayhem—“blasphemy” killing, targeted, lethal anti-Semitic violence, and even the grisly beheading of 21 Coptic Christian laborer captives on a Libyan beach by ISIS jihadists—were all consistent with the ideology and practice of Islam’s prophet and eternal exemplar, Muhammad.

Andrew G. Bostom is the author of The Legacy of Jihad (Prometheus, 2005) and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism " (Prometheus, November, 2008) You can contact Dr. Bostom at

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