Mainstream US Mosques Deny American Muslims the Right to Advocate Separation of Mosque and State

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Two weeks ago (September 27, 2014), Robert Spencer published an e-mail from a former attendee of the same Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City (ISOGOC) mosque frequented by Jah’Keem Yisrael/Alton Nolen, the Muslim convert who beheaded his coworker Colleen Hufford, in a barbaric act of jihad terrorism. Subsequently dubbing himself “Noor” (“light”; quite appropriate, given his incandescent commentary about what actually transpired within this mosque), Spencer’s correspondent revealed the following:

I went to the same mosque [as] the Oklahoma Muslim who beheaded his co-worker. I live ten minutes away! The Imam was Imad Enchassi the last I heard. He was a friend of mine. He is a Lebanese-born Sunni who hates Israel. He once gave a sermon that the Israelis were trying to collapse al-Aqsa mosque by digging tunnels underneath it. They have no issue with Palestinian suicide bombings because, as it was explained to me, that is the only weapon the Palestinians have. They sold Milestones in the book shop while I was there, which as you know calls for replacing all non-Islamic governments with Islamic ones. I remember listening to a tape a friend of mine, Yahya Graff, another white convert to Islam, had that prayed for the destruction of Israel and America. The imam when I first converted, Suhaib Webb, is hailed as a moderate by liberals in the United States but he was the one that explicitly told me that according to Islam, three choices are to be given to non-Muslims: convert, pay the jizyah tax and live under Islamic rule, or jihad. They try very hard to whitewash Islam when the media is around, but they believe in their religion and the ultimate goal of an Islamic caliphate.

Joined by Spencer, Noor reiterated this overall assessment of the ISOGOC mosque “atmospherics” during live interviews, for example with Sean Hannity, and Tom Trento.

As part of Tom Trento’s discussion with Noor, Friday, October 10, 2014, I was asked to provide brief commentary on the doctrinal basis for jihad in Islam. Immediately afterward, I was given an opportunity to ask Noor a question. Our spontaneous exchange (audio-video, embedded above), produced another disturbing revelation: the ISOGOC mosque proscribed any discussion which questioned the Sharia-based conception of Islam as religion and state.

My query to Noor addressed whether the mosque allowed for open discussion of the idea that Islam in America be practiced as a private, individual faith, shorn entirely of its jihad-promoting, liberty-crushing political agenda, pathognomonic of the Islam in all too many Muslim societies, and certainly self-avowed Islamic states. Ominously, based upon his firsthand experience at the ISOGOC mosque, Noor replied,

You are going to be silenced, not necessarily violently in this country, because they are not that stupid to be brazen about it. [But] they will keep you quiet. The religion [Islam] is clear about what it teaches. They are not going to tolerate anybody saying anything else. Otherwise you are an idiot, you’re a hypocrite, an apostate.

There is no separation of mosque and state in Islam…They are not going to cave on it. They are going to pretend like they do, but they aren’t going to give anybody a forum to provide alternative views.

Husayn al-Quwatli (fl. 1975), was a director general of Dar al-Ifta, the center of spiritual authority for the Sunni community of Lebanon, and author of the treatise, “Islam, the State, and Secularism” (1975). At the outset of Lebanon’s civil war, al-Quwatli candidly elucidated the relentless Muslim pursuit of a Sharia-supremacist agenda, even within a pluralistic society willing to accommodate Islam:

The position of Islam is very clear on one point, namely that the true Muslim cannot take a disinterested position vis-à-vis the state. As a result, his position with regard to ruler and rule cannot be an indecisive one which is content with half solutions. Either the ruler is Muslim and the rule Islamic, then he will be content with the state and support it, or the ruler non-Muslim and the rule non-Islamic, then he rejects it, opposes it, and works to abolish it, gently or forcibly, openly or secretly.

Recently extolled by President Obama himself as a “powerful example” of “dignity and justice” (Colleen Hufford’s beheading by active mosque attendee Yisrael/Nolen, notwithstanding), the ISOGOC mosque is indeed a mainstream US Muslim institution, apparently redolent with the same liberty-antithetical Sharia supremacist mores that characterize 81% of US mosques.

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