My Full Hour Interview on “Iran’s Final Solution For Israel” (& briefly, “Honor Diaries”) With Frank Gaffney

Discussion of “Iran’s Final Solution For Israel” with Frank Gaffney on his essential radio broadcast/podcast, Secure Freedom Radio.

Direct audio links to the individual segments are below:

MP3 link for part 1:

  • Iranian President Rouhani’s role in the Khomeini Revolution that restored shariah law to Iran, and which created a constitution calling for international jihad
  • What available polling data suggests about the likelihood that Iranians would vote against shariah law in a truly free election
  • The characteristics of Islam in Iran

MP3 link for part 2:

  • Distinguishing between the Shia and Sunni views on jihad
  • Iran’s engagement in civilization jihad
  • Shariah law versus secular, “western” thought
  • Polling data showing that the majority of Muslims worldwide want shariah law

MP3 link for part 3:

  • The threats Iran and radical Islam pose to Israel
  • Interpretations of the Quran that have led to anti-Semitic, anti Zionist sentiments in Iran
  • Unintentional legitimization of Iran’s nuclear program in the P5 + 1 agreement

MP3 link for part 4:

  • The mistakes the US made in Iraq and Afghanistan by enshrining shariah as an accepted part of their societies
  • Nuclear negotiations with Iran, and Iran’s spurious claims that an energy shortage necessitates a nuclear energy program
  • Debate over the religious or cultural origins of female genital mutilation


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