More Advance Praise For My New Book “Iran’s Final Solution for Israel”

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Below are additional blurbs from Professor Angelo Codevilla, Clare Lopez, Bat Ye’or, Dr. Mark Durie, and Professor Bruce Thornton

“Andrew Bostom’s new book is a powerful antidote to the all-too-widespread view that Iran’s rulers are capable of co-existing with non-Muslims on peaceful, equal terms. By quoting Islam’s highest authorities extensively—including the major contemporary Shiite ‘quietists’—he shows that the more committed someone is to being a faithful Muslim, the less tolerant he is of human beings who are not. Bostom shows that our problems with Iran’s rulers and with other good Muslims is not one of policy but of civilization. For this we owe him our attention and our gratitude.”

—Angelo M. Codevilla, Professor Emeritus of International Relations, Boston University

“This latest masterful work from Dr. Andrew Bostom, Iran’s Final Solution for Israel, should leave no doubt about the genocidal intent of the Iranian regime towards the Jewish State of Israel, as Tehran drives to acquire and deploy nuclear weapons. Dr. Bostom’s meticulous scholarship makes the inescapable case that Iran’s aggressive ambitions are driven by Islamic doctrine and cannot be deterred by negotiations or sanctions. This is a superb book that should be required reading for U.S. leadership and all who are dedicated to the cause of human liberty and our freedom from Sharia.”

—Clare M. Lopez, Senior Fellow, Center for Security Policy & co-author of Sharia: The Threat to America

“A brilliant and comprehensive study of world issues. A must read for whoever wants to understand the challenges and fights for civilization’s survival in this century. Not everyone can face and contend with Evil so long and so consistently as Bostom has done to help us remain human, and free.”  

—Bat Ye’or, author of  The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam—From Jihad to Dhimmitude

“Andrew Bostom’s latest book Iran’s Final Solution for Israel offers a brilliant and compelling case for the contribution of Islamic dogma to Iran’s foreign policy.  Iran’s relentless determination to acquire nuclear weapons, Bostom argues, can be accounted for by its ancient twin theological passions of Jew-hatred and holy war dogma. It is Islamic theology, pure and simple, which accounts for Iran’s often-repeated ambition to annihilate Israel. At the same time, Bostom laments the fact that Western states have been attempting to engage with Iran without understanding or appreciating its theological agenda.  Of this little good can come.”

—Mark Durie, author of The Third Choice—Islam, Dhimmitude, and Freedom

“Once again, the indefatigable Dr. Andrew Bostom has exploded Western delusional fantasies about Islam with a compelling, source-based analysis of endemic Muslim antisemitism. The force of his rigorous arguments leads to only one conclusion: the Jew-hating Iranian regime must not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. A must-read for those who take seriously the moral of the Holocaust, ‘never again.’ ”

—Bruce Thornton, author of The Wages of Appeasement: Ancient Athens, Munich, and Obama’s America.


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