Educating Conservatives About Modern ‘Shi’ite Quietists’

“The conundrum is that while center to left U.S. (and other Western) policymaking elites insist upon Rouhani’s “moderation,” their conservative counterparts rigidly uphold the equally destructive fantasy that this modern avatar of traditionalist Shiite Sharia supremacism—an ideology also embraced by Iran’s greatest modern “quietists”—is somehow unrepresentative of the Iranian populace’s abiding beliefs, and mores, indoctrinated for a half millennium.”

 Educating Conservatives About Modern ‘Shi’ite Quietists’

Pajamas Media March 14, 2014 – 12:00 am

Andrew Bostom

The conservative take on Iranian theology and motives is not exactly correct

 Please see the entire essay at Pajamas Media

And see the views of a lionized exemplar of modern “Shi’ite quietism” below, in a screen shot:








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