Author and former detective John L. Work reviews “Iran’s Final Solution for Israel”

Author and former detective John L. Work reviews Iran’s Final Solution for Israel

Andrew Bostom’s Warning – Will We Heed or Turn Away?

March 21, 2014

There are prosecutors in Courts of Law who hold to a belief that one should present only enough evidentiary material and eyewitness testimony so that the jury will be swayed to vote for conviction. To lay out all of the facts, such lawyers argue, especially in a case where there is a veritable mountain of inculpatory evidence, can give the jury a sense that the prosecution is over-killing its case. On the other hand, there are prosecutors who believe in putting all of the evidence in front of the jury, over-kill be damned. Give the empanelled members all the facts they can stomach and then force-feed them some more, so there’s nowhere else for them to go but to vote for the guilt of the defendant.

As a professional law enforcement investigator who sat as an advisory witness in many criminal trials, I preferred the prosecutors who mercilessly flogged the jurors with all of the evidence. Why hold anything back?

In this excellent opus, Iran’s Final Solution for Israel, Andrew Bostom presents a warning for us – a prediction of Iran’s intention to culminate centuries of threats, repression, barbarity and terror, directed at Jews -with the destruction of the Nation of Israel.

Bostom lays out his case and buttresses his thesis with a tidal wave of historical evidence that is irrefutable. The author commissioned translations of essays by eyewitnesses from centuries ago, testifying to the brutality the Persian government has historically visited upon its Jewish people. The accounts of violence and death are not for the weak. There’s some very graphic material here – accounts of torture and executions which defy humanity.

Further, Bostom exposes the anti-Semitic rhetoric of modern day Iranian Mullahs, some of whom the Western Press Corps would have us believe are really men of moderation and compassion – men who harbor no animus toward the Jews or Christians of the world. Ladies and gentlemen, for years we have been fed a huge lie – that Islam is a religion of peace. Andrew Bostom exposes the truth as well as any historian in the world. He doesn’t create the evidence – he exposes it.

One cannot read this book and come away rationally believing anything other than that Iran fully intends to annihilate Israel and her people by means of nuclear weapons. You can read the book and live in a state of denial. Or you can read it and look objectively at the evidence the author lays out before us. Andrew Bostom puts on a very strong case. Figuratively speaking, he mercilessly beats us over our heads with all of the supporting evidence we can stand.

It may the last warning we receive.




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