Park His Carcass in The Caucasus

A New York Times (NYT) report Monday 5/6/13 included discussion of the “logistics”  complicating burial of jihad terrorist murderer Tamerlan Tsarnaev, whose body, as of this morning, Wednesday 5/8/13, remains in storage, and cannot be interred.

Two key players in this macabre, if illuminating saga have emerged—Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the slain Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and his surviving, murderous jihadist brother Dzokhar Tsarnaev, and Peter Stefan, owner of the Worcester, MA, Graham Putnam and Mahoney Funeral Parlors.

All media across the political spectrum have lionized Ruslan Tsarni constantly reminding us how he referred to his nephews as “losers,” even adding he wished they “never existed.” The NYT observed reverently how on Sunday (5/5/13),

Mr. Tsarni emerged wearily from the funeral home’s work room after spending hours washing and wrapping his nephew’s body with three of his friends.

But these same media have conveniently ignored how Ruslan Tsarni helped create the Congress of Chechen International Organization[s], which via the jihadist Shaikh Fathi and Benevolence International—a charity shuttered by the US Treasury Department as terrorism financiersfunneled aid to the Chechen jihadists in the mid-1990s.  Moreover, as I noted during a radio interview Monday (5/6/13), Ruslan Tsarni—and indeed the entire peace-loving Muslim establishment—could have declared Tamerlan Tsarnaev committed such egregious acts of “un-Islamic terrorism,” that he was no longer considered a Muslim, rendered him a ward of the state, and allowed for his body to be cremated (and have the ashes then dispersed at sea). Yet Ruslan Tsarni has remained insistent about a “pious” Islamic burial for Tamerlan within Massachusetts., stating,

A dead person needs to be buried, that’s what tradition requires—that’s what religion requires, that’s what morals require

Non-Muslim Americans, certainly area Boston, MA area residents, should not be subjected to an Islamic burial ceremony for jihadist murderer Tamerlan Tsarnaev, whose universal “protocol” includes a recitation of the “Fatiha,” the brief opening sura (chapter; of 7 verses), which concludes with an eternal curse upon Jews and Christians (in the 7th verse).  More than a thirteen century continuum of mainstream Islamic exegesis have established what Muhammad himself reportedly observed (in the canonical hadith collections) :

Narrated Adi ibn Hatim—I asked Allah’s Messenger about the Statement of Allah, ‘not the way of those who earned Your Anger,’ he replied: ‘They are the Jews.’ And ‘nor of those who went astray,’ he replied: ‘The Christians, and they are the ones who went astray.’

The Qur’an: An Encyclopedia,  is a modern, authoritative compendium of analyses written by 43 Muslim and non-Muslim mainstream academic experts, edited by Oliver Leaman, and published by Routledge, New York, 2006. These extracts from p. 614 serve as an irrefragable “final summary verdict”—consistent will all the previous evidence assembled here—on how Muslims and non-Muslims alike are to understand Koran 1:7, the Fatiha’s last verse:

…[T]he phrase in the daily prescribed prayers” Guide us to the straight path, to the path of those you have blessed, not of those who incurred [Your] wrath, nor of the misguided (al-Fatiha, 1:5-7.)…mention two groups of people but do not say who they are. The Prophet [Muhammad] interpreted those who incurred God’s wrath as the Jews and the misguided as the Christians. The Jews, we are told [i.e., in both the Koran, and hadith] killed many of their prophets, and through their character and materialistic tendencies have contributed much to moral corruption, social upheaval and sedition in the world…[T]hey were readily misled and incurred both God’s wrath and ignominy. As for the Christians…over time they succumbed to the influence of those who had already deviated from the chosen path. By the time Christianity came to be accepted as the official religion of the Roman Empire, many Christians had long gone astray and had been deprived of their original scripture…

By interpreting the phrase “not of those who incurred [Your] wrath, nor of the misguided” the Prophet identified them and clarified in what way and by what beliefs and deeds a man incurs God’s wrath. This is a warning for the Muslims not to follow in the footsteps of the Jews and Christians.

While Ruslan Tsarni aggressively pursues his hypocritical and infidel-insulting, if “pious” Islamic burial agenda, Worcester, MA funeral director Peter Stefan is nobly exploring how to return Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body to the family’s Russian Caucasus homeland. Stefan has reached out to the US State Department (his efforts have apparently been joined by Worcester area Congressman James McGovern), even declaring,

I’ll pay for it [shipment of the body to The Caucasus] myself. It’s only a couple thousand dollars.

Finally, let us remember who Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s namesake was—the mass-murdering Islamized Mongol conqueror Tamerlane, aptly described by the great French historian Rene Grousset, as follows:

Tamerlane added a taste for religious murder. He killed from Qur’anic piety. He represents a synthesis, probably unprecedented in history, of Mongol barbarity and Muslim fanaticism, and symbolizes that advanced form of primitive slaughter which is murder committed for the sake of an abstract ideology, as a duty and a sacred mission.

Public pressure must be brought to bear—in support of Peter Stefan’s (and now Rep. McGovern’s) efforts—so that Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s carcass is shipped back to The Caucasus for an “Islamic burial.”


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