Condell on London Jihad Butchery: “We Want A Clear Categorical Rejection of the Islamic Doctrine of Armed Jihad”

Pat Condell has made an impassioned, logical demand (hat tip Jihad Watch) for what so-called moderate Muslims must do in the wake of the London jihad butchery last week.

The historical record demonstrates that the jihad war theory which motivated the London atrocity has been put into practice by Muslims, continuously, across the globe, for over a millennium, through present times. What remains is for the Muslim intelligentsia to acknowledge this practice, as Bat Ye’or explained , over two decades ago, in 1991. She  provided this scholarly call for the requisite mea culpa from the Islamic intelligentsia two decades ago (in her Les chretientes d’Orient entre jihad et dhimmitude: VIIe-XXe siecle):

…this effort cannot succeed without a complete recasting of mentalities, the desacralization of the historic jihad and an unbiased examination of Islamic imperialism. Without such a process, the past will continue to poison the present and inhibit the establishment of harmonious relationships. When all is said and done, such self-criticism is hardly exceptional. Every scourge, such as religious fanaticism, the crusades, the inquisition, slavery, apartheid, colonialism, Nazism and, today, communism, are analyzed, examined, and exorcized in the West. Even Judaism- harmless in comparison with the power of the Church and the Christian empires- caught, in its turn, in the great modernization movement, has been forced to break away from some traditions. It is inconceivable that Islam, which began in Mecca and swept through three continents, should alone avoid a critical reflection on the mechanisms of its power and expansion. The task of assessing their history must be undertaken by the Muslims themselves…

Pat Condell’s no holds barred video demand is embedded below:

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