O’Reilly/Fox Hypocrisy: Ignore Murdoch, Ratchet Up Attacks on Gore

Last night (1/14/13) Bill O’Reilly devoted his “Factor Impact Segment of the day,” (embedded below) to the limited coverage afforded Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera.

Joined by Bernard Goldberg, both men were in high dudgeon against Gore’s obvious hypocrisy given the fossil fuel-funded outrages (i.e., myriad examples of jihadism/Sharia supremacism, anti-Westernism, general xenophobia, and Jew-and broader infidel-hatred) aired routinely on Al-Jazeera’s Arabic network, owned by the Sharia-supremacist, Islamic totalitarian government of Qatar.

But as if teeing up their hypocritical moral blindness for another devastating wallop at Fox by the Left’s creepy little televangelist to the tetrahydrocannabinol-intoxicated, Jon Stewart, O’Reilly and Goldberg ignored News Corp (parent company of Fox News) CEO Rupert Murdoch’s equally odious “partnerships, with Saudi Arabia and its Prince Bin Talal, the “Prince” holding a 7% share in Fox, while Murdoch has an 18.97% stake in Bin Talal’s Rotana Media Group, and Al-Risala, Rotana’s flagship religious broadcasting network. Al-Risala, Murdoch’s Ikhwannabe TV, is just as rife (see this June, 2012 MEMRI report by Steve Stalinsky) with jihadism/Sharia supremacism, anti-Westernism, general xenophobia, and Jew-and broader infidel-hatred, as Al-Jazeera Arabic. Moreover, Bin-Talal’s holding a 7% share in Fox has demonstrably bowdlerized the network’s coverage of Islamic supremacism, in particular the role of Saudi Arabia in propagating jihad hatred, globally (see Diana West’s reports here, here, and here).

Thus while O’Reilly and Goldberg were lambasting Al-Jazeera Arabic and Qatar, they and Fox News in general (pace a minor, very brief website AP story on one case) have ignored the heinous human rights tragedy, aptly termed “deadly risks,” confronting foreign  maids employed within the Sharia totalitarian theocracy of Saudi Arabia. As reported two days ago by the Daily Mail,  45 Saudi-employed foreign maids are now awaiting execution (for example by beheading) on charges (when not false, or manufactured) ranging from “witchcraft,” to self-defense killings of would be Saudi rapists.

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