A Mo-Toon A Day To Keep The Muslim Rioters Away?

Daniel Pipes, invoking Western rationalism and commonsense has made the following wise suggestion:

Perhaps daily publication of the most famous Danish Muhammad cartoon [see below],  by one hopes, a steadily burgeoning number of Western bloggers and media outlets, might defuse Muslim rage, and induce “riot fatigue” across Islamdom, and within large Muslim communities residing in non-Muslim societies.

I believe this is a very reasonable course of action to follow. Also, to avoid being excessively monotonous, cartoons drawn from a panel of humorous, non-vulgar (i.e., not, for example, the recent Charlie Hebdo caricatures with allusions to Brigitte Bardot’s buttocks, etc.) could be published cyclically.

Taking Daniel Pipes’s admonition to heart, and urging others to join me, today’s contribution to the dual cause of protecting Western free speech, and encouraging Muslims to re-think their commitment to violent, and nonviolent coercion to abolish that foundational liberty, I am posting this (still) very apposite cartoon by Cox and Forkum, from January 31, 2006.

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