Morsi Elevates “Closet Muslim Brotherhood General” With US Encouragement

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi elevated Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, to defense minister, with the apparent encouragement of (rather witless) counterterrorism czar John Brennan, and other Obama administration officials.

Consistent with Team Obama’s rather blatantly pro- Muslim Brotherhood policies, the Wall Street Journal also notes,

People with knowledge of the Egyptian military said Gen. Sissi has a broad reputation within military circles as a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, a rare trait in a military culture inured against Islamism. “Sissi is known inside the military for being a Muslim Brother in the closet,” said Zeinab Abul Magd, a professor at the American University in Cairo and an expert on Egypt’s military.

When will the clarion calls of the National Security Five for a Congressional investigation of Muslim Brotherhood influence peddling be heeded?

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