Muslim Brotherhood Re-affirms Jihad Against Israel, and Morsi Gets Invited to the White House

Two related stories appeared over the weekend. Al-Wafd reported (yet another; see earlier here) pronouncement by Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Supreme Guide Mohammed Badi calling for the jihad conquest (i.e., genocidal destruction) of Israel. Shortly after that report appeared, the Obama administration announced the MB’s newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi had been invited to the White House in September.

Juxtaposed, these reports underscore, at best, the sheer fecklessness of the Obama administration. A plausible alternative scenario, given the unprecedented level of MB penetration of this regime (an ongoing problem through several administrations now) would be that our current political leadership is abetting the cultural and military jihadist aspirations of the mainstream Islamic MB movement: the destruction of Israel, and the re-creation of a trans-national Muslim Caliphate

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