Limbaugh Defends Michelle Bachmann on Muslim Brotherhood Penetration

Yesterday (7/23/12), Rush Limbaugh devoted the last segment of his immensely popular radio program to a thoughtful, clear, and forthright discussion of my colleague Andy McCarthy’s analyses (here, and especially, the latter here) of the unwarranted attacks on Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. (For additional background, see my own discussion of the ugly, Sharia supremacist Weltanschauung of “Muslim Sister” Saleyah Abedin—mother of Hillary Clinton’s close adviser Huma Abedin.)

Limbaugh’s critically important insights are captured in this remarkably compendious statement:

The Muslim Brotherhood is not a harmless little offshoot here. They’re not the mainstream where the others are the kooks.  They’re all together.  Bachmann’s inquiry is justified, and there’s no reason to tar and feather her.  It’s a legitimate question to want to know if one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides poses a national security threat because of her parents’ close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  That’s all they’re asking.  And McCain and the Republican establishment and the Senate went to the floor to trash Bachmann.  And I’ll just add, I think there’s an effort by the Republican establishment to take Bachmann out.  I think they’re lining up to campaign against her in her reelection effort.  But that’s another subject.

Read Limbaugh’s entire discussion.

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