A Morsi-Napolitano Jihadist Pipeline to America?

Janet Napolitano Nattering Nabob of “Nuance”

Team Obama saw fit to delay construction of the desperately needed Keystone pipeline—jeopardizing US energy security by extending our unnecessary reliance on fossil fuels from Muslim countries which use their profits from this trade to foment and actively fund jihadism.

Now it seems the Muslim Brotherhood (and its even more overtly bloody offshoot)-supporting Team Obama policymakers are creating another variety of “pipeline,” compatible with their repeatedly ludicrous, see-no-jihad ideological predilections.

Here is the depressingly plausible scenario by which such a dangerous travesty could unfold.

Al-Masry Al-Youm, reported this past Saturday July 21, 2012, that the recently elected MB President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi pardoned and released 572 military detainees, including 25 leaders of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Jama’a al-Islamiya, jihadist groups who have employed mass-murderous violence in Egypt, and well beyond,  to impose the sharia. Indeed earlier, within a week of being elected, Morsi gave a speech pledging to seek the release of Jama’a al-Islamiya founding member Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (see pp. 8, 307), currently serving a life sentence at a US federal penitentiary in North Carolina for his role in planning the 1993 World Trade Center bombing (which caused six deaths, 1042 injuries, and nearly $600 million in property damage), and other acts of jihad terrorism within the New York City Metropolitan area.

Segue to the State Department-approved US entry of the jihad terror organization Jama’a al-Islamiya’s Hani Nour Eldin, now an Egyptian “Parliamentarian,” for sundry “consultations”—including Nour’s apparent direct petitioning for the release of Sheikh Rahman. During Congressional hearings yesterday (7/25/12), before Congressman Peter King’s Homeland Security Committee, which highlighted the illegality of Hani Nour Eldin’s being granted US entry, as a member of a federally designated (jihad) terror organization, Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolitano made this frank, if alarming declaration:

…[A]s we move forward we are going to continue to have visitors to this country that the State Department and others feel are useful to bring to the country to have discussions moving forward who say they are members of the political party that in the past have been so designated

Despite conceding Congressman King’s point Hani Nour Eldin’s admission to the US violated not only the appropriate ban on entry to Jama’a al-Islamiya members, and the failure of the State Department to even notify Congress and apply for a waiver, Napolitano argued, lamely, about overriding “nuanced” considerations.

We have to know what the group was. Is it now a political party that is running the government of a country that has strong ties to the United States?

Given this Administration’s stubborn cognitive dissonance about jihadism, and its openly avowed promulgators, who knows which murderous jihadist cum “politician” will next be arriving in Washington, DC for “consultations”—and more potential US security-compromising concessions. The MB’s Egytpian President Morsi just released some future prospects Team Obama may already be considering.

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