Did “National Muhammad Day Imam” Qayyoom “Crash” the 3/5/12 NYPD Support Rally?

Update:  I  have received complaints that my earlier blog about the Monday NYPD support rally of some three dozen Muslims “misrepresented” the appearance of Imam Qayyoom. The gist of these overheated e-mail complaints is that the good Imam was an “un-invited gate crasher”

Well, until concrete proof is provided in support of the un-invited gate crasher narrative, have a gander at the NYPD support rally press conference photo, just below.

That’s Imam Qazi Qayyoom (in the sunglasses and yellow stripes) in dead center.

No one seems to be shoving him out of the way, and he surely does not appear to be “unwelcome,” calmly standing immediately to rally organizer Zuhdi Jasser’s right.

Res ipsa loquitur, one would think?

Photo reproduced from the coverage of the rally,  at The Silent Majority No More:

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