Military Islamo-Insanity in Britain: The RAF Ayatollah

Dr Hayward (left), the Muslim convert “RAF Ayatollah” at an Armed Forces Muslim Association event last year with a more authentic Ayatollah to the far right.

An apparently rare breed of British military officer with the appropriate patriotic moral clarity and courage has leaked alarming (if seemingly “hiding in plain sight”) information to The Daily Mail about the exploits of a convert to Islam, Dr Joel Hayward, dean of the college at Cranwell, the Royal Air Force’s RAF’s equivalent of Sandhurst (the latter being the British West Point equivalent).

Dr. Hayward (his Muslim name was not reported) earlier intimated that many fewer Jews were killed by the Nazis than rigorous, accepted research has established, while the gas chambers of the Holocaust were British propaganda—i.e., he repeats the standard, popular contemporary Muslim line of Holocaust denial. Hayward has also likened Winston Churchill to the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Now The Mail is reporting, based upon a letter from a senior British officer entitled, “The Air Force Ayatollah,”

Dr Hayward was focusing more on ‘Islamist activities that are nothing to do with the RAF’. He [the senior British officer] also accused him [Muslim convert Hayward] of giving Muslim cadets preferential treatment and making other students take a ‘softly, softly line when writing about Muslim terrorists/Islamist extremists’. Another officer claimed cadets and lecturers ‘are in fear’ of expressing anything that might be construed as anti-Muslim sentiment. ‘Anyone who fails to follow the line that Islam is a peace-loving religion is hauled into his office for re-education,’ he said.

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