Wilders on Protecting Holland’s Jews: “Jews shouldn’t emigrate, Antisemitic Moroccans should.”

A profile in courage and moral responsibility.

Last week Former European Union Commissioner Frits Bolkenstein, as per his book on Dutch Judaism, which was just released,  claimed that “recognizable” Jews (those who wear kippahs or payot) were unsafe in the Netherlands due to Moroccan Muslim immigrant Jew-hatred. Bolkenstein added his “recommendation” that these “recognizable” Jews emigrate to the US or Israel, reportedly stating,

I see no future for recognizable Jews, in particular because of Antisemitism, specifically in Dutch Moroccans, who continue to grow in number.

Noting that the many Arab television channels in the Netherlands contribute to the spread of Antisemitism, Bolkenstein maintained he also has no confidence in Dutch governmental measures proposed to combat such Muslim Jew-hatred.

I foresee no quick solution, and Antisemitism will continue to exist. Moroccan and Turkish young people won’t care about the measures.

In response, the Netherland’s lone bold and morally responsible political leader, Geert Wilders, who visited Israel last week, commented,

Jews shouldn’t emigrate, Antisemitic Moroccans should.

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