Bill O’Reilly Debunks the “Christian Terrorist” Canard Regarding Norwegian Mass Murderer Brevik

Brevik, the Norwegian mass murderer of non-Muslims, is an isolated monster with no Christian religious affiliation whatsoever.

The jihad, however, is a mass Islamic religious phenomenon of monstrous proportions, with some 17,500 jihadist attacks having been committed worldwide since 9/11, consistently targeting non-Muslims of all religious backgrounds, from southern Thailand, to Mumbai, India, to Tel Aviv, Israel, to Madrid, Spain, to London, England, to Fort Hood, Texas.

Moreover, state-sponsored jihad terrorism—Shiite and Sunni alike—emanates from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and The Sudan.

Bill O’Reilly addressed these issues with passionate eloquence in this monologue from Monday evening, 7/25/11.

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