America’s Morning News Interview About Bin Laden’s Burial and Death Photos

Today on America’s Morning News Radio Show with John McCaslin I discussed how the absurdly self-abasing burial, and the failure to release proof of death photos of Bin Laden, which the American public fully deserves, are conjoined by a unifying willful blindness to the enemy threat doctrine—Islamic jihad.

Bin Laden was a pious Muslim jihadist—yet our military and political leaders insisted for more than a decade that he practiced an “un-Islamic” perversion of Islam, and then they bestowed this orchestrator of the cold blooded mass murder of Americans with an elaborate Muslim burial, “…in strict conformance with Islamic precepts and practices,” as described by our counter-terrorism czar John Brennan, infamous for his witless conception of jihad as an “inner purification.” President Obama and his staff have further responded to those clamoring for the release of Bin Laden’s death photos by insisting that “we don’t spike the football,” and claiming their release would endanger our troops—yet our jihad denialist COIN policies with their cripplingly restrictive ROEs, and the accompanying demand for dangerous “partnering,” have resulted in 35 “inside the wire” murders of NATO troops—30 of them Americans—by our so-called Afghan allies just since December—all of this hideous carnage by such “moderate” Muslims being of course unrelated to Bin Laden’s assassination, or public proof of his death.

Interview linked below:

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