Spring Time for Qaradawi in Kairwan?

Holy Man

Holy Mosque

…Wholly Delusional

NATO (hat tip Diana West) has just warned the “brave Libyan freedom fighters” not to kill civilians. A typically “pellucid” explanation was provided by the Obama administration:

At times when the rebels are gaining ground, the allies fear that the rebels will inevitably try to take loyalist cities by force, and could end up endangering or even killing civilians there. That is what prompted the coalition’s warnings to the rebels, administration officials said. The specifics of the warnings — like when they were conveyed, who delivered them, and to which rebel leaders — remained unclear.

Delusive appraisals from a broad spectrum of the policymaking and media elites notwithstanding, the “Arab Spring’s” most consistent feature is unbridled, traditional Muslim Jew-hatred.

This grotesque raw hatred has been projected on to Arab despots from Mubarak to Qaddafi, despite the half-century absence of Jews—victims of ethnic cleansing between 1945 to 1967 which liquidated their indigenous pre-Islamic communities, via pogroms, persecutions, and expropriations, across North Africa, as well as all of modern Israel’s “neighbors” to the east and north.

The immensely popular Muslim Brotherhood “Spiritual Leader,” Yusuf al-Qaradawi—after whom the “moderate” Qatari government created the Orwellian-named “Al-Qaradawi Center for Islamic Moderation ,” and the “moderate” Egyptian Army welcomed back to Cairo from a long exile after Mubarak was deposed—represents the apotheosis of the “Arab Spring.” Fittingly, Sheikh Qaradawi promulgates virulent Jew-hatred and champions a jihad genocide of the refuge of Middle Eastern Jewry—Israel.

Given that the ballyhooed “Arab Spring” began in Tunisia, it is worth recalling the discriminatory brutality imposed upon Tunisian and overall Middle Eastern Jewry under Muslim rule, in the absence of a defensible Jewish homeland.

Below is an account of their plight in late 19th century Tunis, prior to the establishment of the French Protectorate, when Islamic Sharia-based governance was applied without any Western influence, let alone hindrance. The source is Alexander A. Boddy’s “To Kairwan the Holy—Scenes in Muhammedan Africa,” London, 1885, p. 244. Sir Richard Wood was the British Consul-General in Tunis from 1855-1879. Kairwan (Kairouan), Tunisia (and its mosque), an early center of Islamic learning, are considered sacred to the Muslim umma.

Mr. Wood tells us of an event which happened more recently when he was Consul-General at Tunis. An unfortunate Israelite by name Samuel Sfez, being badly treated by Moslems, cursed their faith, and abused the Bey. Being dragged before the cadi, he was condemned to die by swallowing molten lead, which should be poured down his throat. On the 17th June, 1857, this was done. His head was severed from his body, and kicked through the city by the boys, and then smashed by the men with stones…

Another incident. A year or two ago a Jewish boy was playing with some Arab lads outside the Mosque of the Olive Tree. One of the small Moslems, seizing the Jew boy’s cap, ran in at one entrance of the mosque and out the opposite door. The little Jew promptly followed and was put to death as he came out the other door. I am not familiar with the interior of the Olive Tree Mosque.


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