Libya: Bombing to Support Jew-Hating Jihadists?

Libyan “Freedom Fighters”: Armed for Jew and Infidel-Hating Jihad?

As the UK Independent reports, thwarted in their efforts  to reach the city of Sirte, Muammar Qaddafi’s birthplace,  and a key strategic milestone on the path to Tripoli, most of the Libyan “freedom fighting rebels” retreated in disarray, resigned to a stalemate. Except for one critical contingent—the openly avowed jihadists whose “battlefield jihad experience” includes hostile actions against the US in Iraq and Afghanistan:

But one group of fighters, calling themselves the Mujahedin, were vocal in their condemnation of such pessimism. To cries of “Allah hu Akbar” they charged forward towards enemy fire, exhorting others to follow. The men from Darnah were once again in the lead, as they have been in so many of the recent battles. Darnah, which has the reputation of being the most devoutly Muslim city in Libya, has been singled out by Gaddafi as playing a central part in the “al-Qa’ida-orchestrated plot against his rule”. …

Not surprisingly, given Libya’s brutal millennial history of Islamic Jew-hatred, and final liquidation of its small Jewish minority community—steadily pogromed into flight between 1945 and 1967—these forthright jihadists openly project their own virulent Muslim Jew-hatred on to Qaddafi’s regime.

A band of fighters from Darnah at the town of Ras Lanuf were also eager to deny any dealings with terrorism. “We are not al-Qa’ida,” were the first words of Khalid Arshad Ali as he dusted the triggering mechanism of an anti-aircraft artillery gun. “We are Mujahedin. We are here to fight for Libya and no one else. We are Muslims in this country and we are all Sunnis. We know that Gaddafi is getting paid by the Jews. We know that Israel is supplying him with special guns. He is not a proper Muslim and it is our duty to fight him.”

The geopolitical and moral perversity of US and NATO support for this Jew and broader Western-hating jihadist vanguard of the “Libyan freedom fighters” reminded me of Aldous Huxley’s remarkably prescient observations, based upon his own sojourns in North Africa during the 1920s and 1930s:

Mohammedanism…is hard, militant, and puritanical; it encourages the spirit of martyrdom, is eager to make proselytes, and has no qualms about levying “holy wars” and conducting persecutions.…And to think that we are busily teaching them all the mechanical arts of peace and war which gave us, in the past, our superiority over their numbers! In fifty years time, it seems to me, Europe can’t fail to be wiped out by these monsters. Intanto


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