Egyptian Jew Hatred, Lara Logan, and Qaradawi’s re-emergence in Egypt

In follow-up to the Lara Logan sexual assault in Cairo story, I was interviewed today (2/18/11) during the 8 AM hour on the Helen Glover Show. The interview included discussion of the triumphal return to Cairo of Muslim Brotherhood “Spiritual Guide” Yusuf Al-Qaradawi. The Big Peace blog has the audio embedded.

My favorite Qaradawi sermon I dubbed his “Jackass Jihad” khutbah. Notwithstanding the “ironic” title, which merely repeats Qaradawi’s own imagery, the piece highlights this “spiritual” leader’s raw jihadism, including its global aspirations, and the obligatory accompaniment—genocidal Islamic Jew-hatred

Lastly, I doubt the Brookings Institution analyst quoted today in the Christian Science Monitor to comment upon Qaradawi’s return appreciates, or certainly would acknowledge, the ultimate ramifications of the words, below, given the global jihadist and genocidal Islamic Jew hating “ethos” Qaradawi embodies. Regardless, this analyst captures the MB “Spiritual Guide’s” appeal to the Egyptian masses:

Qaradawi is very much in the mainstream of Egyptian society, he’s in the religious mainstream, he’s not offering something that’s particularly distinctive or radical in the context of Egypt…He’s an Islamist and he’s part of the Brotherhood school of thought, but his appeal goes beyond the Islamist spectrum, and in that sense he’s not just an Islamist figure, he’s an Egyptian figure with a national profile.

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