Fox News’ Bret Baier Invokes My Essay on Jihad versus The Crusades

I was quoted last night (8/26/10) by Bret Baier during his “Grapevine” segment at the midpoint of the one hour prime time newscast, Special Report. The quote, below comes from this 2005 American Thinker essay of mine, at 0:53 to 1:07, and the underlined text was displayed:

The jihad is intrinsic to the sacred Muslim texts, including the divine Qur’anic revelation itself, whereas the Crusades were circumscribed “historical events subjected to (ongoing and meaningful) criticism by Christians themselves.”

The title of this Grapevine segment with video link embedded, and transcript, are provided below:

Holy Moley

“…ABC ‘20/20’ anchor Chris Cuomo is getting some flack—even from some of his fans—over a twitter comment about violence and religion. Cuomo told his nearly 1 million followers this morning: ‘To all my Christian brothers and sisters—especially Catholics—before you condemn Muslims for violence—remember the Crusades. Study them.’

A follower pointed out ‘by the time the Crusades began, Muslim armies had conquered almost two-thirds of Christian world. Neither just.’ Cuomo responded that he is ‘not sure how pointing out Muslim wrongs erases Christian wrongs.’

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks historian and author Bernard Lewis noted that the Crusades were in response to jihad and author Andrew Bostom wrote of the jihad-to-Crusade comparison that jihad is a notion contained within the Quran, while the crusades were ‘historical events subjected to ongoing and meaningful criticism by Christians themselves.’ ”


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