An Ashoura Lullaby—Ayatollah Seyyid Ibn Pharteen

The vocal stylings of Ayatollah Seyyid Ibn Pharteen, debuting his,

Ashoura Lura Lural, That’s a Shiite Lullaby

Audio produced and made available by Recorda Me Studios, at this link:

The refrain:

Ashoura Lura Lural

Ashoura Lura Li

Ashoura Lura Lural

That’s a Shiite Lullaby

Images courtesy of  Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, and sponsored by Ginsu Steak Knives, and other fine cutlery:

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4 responses to “An Ashoura Lullaby—Ayatollah Seyyid Ibn Pharteen

  1. That is some sick stuff to mutilate babies and kids.

    I still say Islam is a religion consisting of retards and self-lobotomies. Not a ounce of any brain left.

  2.' Bill Gallagher

    Ugh! What a thing to see at Christmas and New Years! Welcome back to the downside of life.

    Scott, I’d say the people are trapped in this. With such strong family structures and societal coercion, it takes an enormous amount of courage to break out of the religion and renounce these atrocities, and as you know, one can pay for it with one’s life.

    I don’t think such self-defilement can last forever, though. If you believe in God, pray that these poor people will come free.

  3. Any info on self-flagellation–and of their children– in the US? I do remember seeing a photo of Shias flagellating themselves in Jackson Hts., Queens, NY. I can’t think of a jurisdiction where cutting children (except for circumcision) would not be considered child abuse. Wanna bet THEY get away with it?!?

  4. Wanna bet they can’t get away with doing this in the US?!? This despite its being child abuse by any definition…