The Threat to Rifqa Bary in Its Ultimate Context

Father Michel Hayek (d. 2005): His frank words contextualize the threat to Rifqa Bary


Retired FBI agent John Guandolo recently eviscerated the distressingly incompetent and stupid Florida Department of Law Enforcement pseudo-investigation—fully compliant with the jihadist front CAIR’s “guidance”—of the threat apostate Rifqa Bary faces from various “enti-tities.”


Father Michel Hayek (1928-2005) was a Lebanese Maronite scholar who produced a corpus of work that included over forty published books, scores of treatises, and innumerable articles. His 1959 book Le Christ de L’Islam has been re-published in two revised editions, and remains an important reference work. Following its initial publication in 1959—reflecting the profundity of his understanding—Father Hayek became a widely sought after lecturer for talks and conferences on Muslim-Christian relations.


During a lecture entitled ‘Nouvelles approches de l’islam,’ given on March 6, 1967, (recorded in Les Conférences du Cénacle, Beirut, 1968, Nos. 9-10, XXII année, p. 11*), Father Hayek, spoke plainly about the enduring historical impact of the continuum of Islamic depredations upon Christians and Christianity—let alone Muslim apostates to Christianity. His comments place Rifqa Bary’s predicament in a larger historical context, made all the more acutely threatening by her apostasy from Islam to Christianity:


“Why not admit it clearly, so as to break a taboo and a political interdict, which is felt in the flesh and the Christian conscience—that Islam has been the most appalling torment that ever struck the Church. Christian sensibility has remained traumatized until now.”


 (*Reproduced in The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, p. 610,  as quoted in Bat Ye’or, Juifs et Chrétiens, p. 309, n. 45 (English trans.). See also ‘Actes du Colloque des Chrétiens du monde arabe (CMA) à Paris’, in Les Chrétiens du Monde Arabe: Problématiques Actuelles et Enjeux, Preface by Rondot (Paris, Maisonneuve & Larose, 1989).

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