An Endless Legacy of Jew-Annihilationist “Leadership”?

Will their ilk of smiling, pious Muslim Jew-killers somehow be “missed?”—Or will it be, “The Jew-annihilationist jihadists (of Hamas) are dead…long live the Jew-annihilationist jihadists (of Islamic Jihad or Al Qaeda)”??



Khaled Abu Toameh, writing in the Jerusalem Post, makes this depressing, but apposite observation about the likely course of events in the jihadist, Jew-annihilationist rump-state Turdistan of Gaza—confirmed by a “Hamas-affiliated academic” (whatever on earth that is):



…there are no signs whatsoever of a Palestinian revolt against the Hamas rule. In fact, only a handful of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have challenged Hamas over the past two years. It’s obvious by now that a majority of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip continue to support Hamas mainly because they don’t regard Abbas’s Fatah faction as a better alternative.


Even if Hamas is totally crushed, there is no reason to believe that those who would succeed the Islamist movement would be any better or less radical. These are days when only the voices of the extremists in the Arab and Islamic world are being heard. Or as a Hamas-affiliated academic put it on Sunday night, “If you bring down Hamas, you will get either Islamic Jihad or al-Qaida. Then the Israelis will miss Hamas.”

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