Personal 9/11 Commemorations

A Privileged Interaction

Yesterday, on the seventh anniversary of the cataclysmic, mass-murdering acts of jihad terrorism against the US on 9/11/01, I had the privilege of hearing from, and speaking to officers, (primarily Naval), at the U.S. Naval War College in nearby Newport, Rhode Island. Our exchanges were preceded by a viewing of the full 72 minute version of the documentary “Obsession.”


Senator Obama, Meet Ibn Warraq.

 Also in commemoration of 9/11/01, I wrote this essay (“Obama, 9/11, and Freedom of Conscience”), published yesterday at The American Thinker, which focuses on the “incomplete” personal odyssey of one Barack Obama. Oddly, Senator Obama would like to become the next U.S. President, without explaining (perhaps even to himself) why his own life trajectory—specifically, the freedom of conscience he enjoyed (and continues to enjoy) in our great country—is intimately related to the events of 9/11/01, and the ongoing fight against global jihadism. In conclusion I suggest that Senator Obama have a long conversation with my colleague and mentor Ibn Warraq—whose own formal childhood experience of Islam was in fact less intensive than Obama’s—to help the Democratic Presidential candidate clarify these profoundly important issues in his own mind.



































































































































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