“The First Time Ever They Saw Jihad?”—Israel’s Chelmite “Leadership”


Chelmite “Policymakers” in Israel

The penultimate award for Israel’s feckless, Chelmite leadership can now be awarded, and Roberta Flack should be invited to dispense it.


Jonathan Spyer observes:


On Wednesday, the Israeli security cabinet held its first discussion ever on the issue of the global jihad.



They should have played Roberta Flack’s ballad at the meeting, altering her lyrics slightly, and singing, “The first time ever I saw jihad.”


Was anyone at the meeting to tell them that it has been a jihad since oh about 1920? Or that the very ground they stand upon was conquered by jihad, deemed to be a “fay territory,” i.e., a permanent part of the Dar al Islam, which can never be surrendered to non-Muslims, least of all the despised and debased Jews?


Hope springs eternal that maybe now some of the copious, relevant, and ongoing (about 13 centuries plus worth) doctrine and history of jihad (and intimately related Islamic Jew hatred) will now be studied and discussed with regularity by its main contemporary victims.


But I am not very sanguine about the prospects of this actually occurring.

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