Middle East Strategy at Harvard (MESH) Blog Praises “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”




…no this one, accepts praise for The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism at MESH


Under the heading “Summer Reading 2008,” Anthropologist Philip Carl Salzman, author of the essential study (also published by Prometheus), “Culture and Conflict in the Middle East,” writes:


An academic colleague said to me that, before Israel, Muslims and Jews rubbed along well enough. Enmity toward Jews, he felt, stemmed from Jewish (colonial) immigration to Palestine. Some specialists have recently made a case that Muslim anti-Semitism flowered under the ideological ministrations of the Nazis. The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History by Andrew Bostom (Prometheus Books, 2008), a compendium largely of original texts from the Qur’an forward, makes a different case: The most extreme prejudicial animus against Jews is integral to Islamic thought and deed from Muhammad, and is honored by his many successors through the centuries with determination and energy. Introduced by Bostom’s 174-page overview, this collection of documents, of Muslims speaking for themselves, and observers reporting historical events, is extensive and convincing, illuminating and distressing, and will break through the many pious obfuscations that often pass for Western commentary on Islam.

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