And the Beat(ings) Go On/Apposite Aristotle?

Another horrific attack by North African “yutes” (as per Joe Pesci’s character in “My Cousin Vinny”) [read: Muslims in France] on their Jewish prey in Paris, reminds one not only of Ilan Halimi, but a more recent attack earlier this year on a Jew in the same town where Ilan was tortured/ murdered, and the burgeoning, disproportionate (i.e., 25X the rate of the not terribly philosemitic non-Muslim denizens of Europe) rate of Muslim on Jewish depredations across Europe.


Forgive me this bout of sentimentalism (see the Polar Bear and Sled Dog images, below), but my dear colleague Vahakn Dadrian (still producing great scholarship in his mid-90s!) just sent me one of his recently (April, 2008) published essays, which closes with this apposite quote  from Aristotle’s The Politics:


“…when separated from law and justice, man is the worst of all animals”


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