Prof. Hans Jansen Gets Mad As Hell and Just Can’t Take It Any More!


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Hans Jansen Writes Passionate Truths, and Long May He Live !!

Addendum: Clarification/Caveat from Prof. Jansen: My book Zelf Koranlezen (ca. Reading the Quran by yourself) is going to appear normally. No change of title took place, or whatever. Zelf Koranlezen is at the printer’s, it will appear within weeks now. With another publisher I did this little book Islam for Pigs, Apes, Donkeys and Other Animals. I appreciate the attention it now gets, but the English translations I saw are not fully reliable.

Professor Johannes J.G. Jansen, is a colleague and friend, and one of The Netherland’s leading contemporary scholars of Islam. His The Neglected Duty: The Creed of Sadat’s Assassins and Islamic Resurgence in the Middle East (New York: Macmillan, 1986), and The Dual Nature of Islamic Fundamentalism (London: Hurst & Company, 1997) remain defining works on the Islamic movements that gave rise to Al Qaeda. 

According to the Klein Verzet Blog (hat tip LGF), Hans appears to have had his belly full of the craven ignorance, and perverse cultural relativism of the Dutch government, in particular. Acutely, his ire has been unleashed following the cowardice displayed by both Dutch politicians and “intellectual” elites over the pending release of Geert Wilders’ film “Fitna.”

Prof. Jansen has just announced that his upcoming book, originally entitled “Reading the Koran for Unbelievers, ” will be changed to “Islam for Pigs, Apes, Mules and Other Beasts,” a title fully consistent with how the Koran characterizes unbelievers, i.e., non-Muslims.

Klein Verzet Blog has provided what it terms a partial, “loosely translated” section of the Dutch prepublication (NL) of the book (which I have lightly edited for clarity), consisting of questions and answers:
What does fitna mean? Literally it means ‘ordeal’, ‘temptation’, ‘enchantment’. The Muslim believers steadfastness of his faith is being tested by the unbelief of non-Muslims. This unbelief then has to be fought.Also having to see woman who are not decently dressed according to rules of Islam is fitna. The day of last judgment is preceded by all kinds of ordeals, these are also called fitna. Also civil war and social disorder is called fitna.What is sharia? It is the Islamic law. Just like there is a law of Moses, the system of laws and rules that we now call sharia, used to be called Mohammedan law.

Why is it for a Muslim forbidden to make an image of Mohammad? And why must non-Muslims also submit to this rule?The prohibition finds it’s origin in instructions not to depict living people and going to great heights in respect for the special position of Mohammad. Non-Muslims who ridicule Mohammad, it’s already said many times, need to be punished [sic] exemplary.What kind of punishment does Islam have for insulting Mohammad? On insulting Mohammad the sharia puts in principle the death penalty. A Muslim who insults Mohammad has implicitly committed apostasy, and thus certainly deserves the death penalty.

What does Jihad mean?It is the struggle against unbelief and evil. In practice this means: expansion of the rule of Islam by violent means. Until the relief of Vienna in 1683 the jihad was strictly a government task. But since September 11 2001, we know that the jihad is lately not [only] done by governments but [also] by private initiatives.How big a percentage of Dutch Muslims think that the violence of terrorists, who say they are Muslim warriors (Al Qaeda etc.), are breaking the Koranic laws?It’s possible that this percentage is not very high. Many Muslim approve the use of violence, because according to them America and Israel also use excessive violence against Muslims. Discussions about this, quickly become yes/no games.Looking to the chronology helps. In the 1990’s it started after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Beginning in the 21st century, it started after the attack on the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001.How big a percentage of Dutch Muslims are prepared to call Bin Laden a fool, a dangerous religious maniac, everything except a good Muslim?

 Muslims do not often see Bin Laden as a fool. Rather they view him as a super activist, someone who accepts the full consequences of the Islamic rules about the struggle against the unbelievers.In what way do those such as Bin Laden have thoughts and plans for a small country like The Netherlands?

 Bin Laden and like-minded Muslims have plans for the whole world, especially for the arrogant West. The Netherlands is part of the West and an excellent testing ground.On the other hand, there will be a lot of [sic] occupational Muslims and imams in the Middle East who will view sympathetically  such a compilation [as the fitna film of Wilders] which shows what the real Islamic laws are, and how they are grounded in the Koran.What is the Koran?According to the pious Muslims, the Koran is the word of god, passed on to his prophet Mohammad (570-632). The Koran has 114 chapters, called “suras,” Muslims believe that some suras were revealed to Mohammad in Mecca (610-622), and others in the agrarian oasis of Medina (622-632).The Koran contains more general instructions and less stories than the Bible. It is these general instructions of the Koran that are the cause of troubles with the rest of the world. For example, the sword verse (sura 9:5): “kill the unbeliever where ever you find them”.What parts of the Koran are according to people like Wilders, who criticize Islam, a danger to the Western legal order?

 All parts of the Koran in which unbelievers are threatened with violence (there are many) can be regarded as anti-Western by anyone.Every call for the application of sharia, can be regarded as openly voiced support for actions that are contrary to Dutch law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.That outsiders are not aware of this, is of course a pity for them, but that does not change the facts. Sharia calls for corporal punishment and the death penalty, in cases of “religious transgressions” – something most Dutch would find incomprehensible. Sharia thus limits religious freedom, undermines the position of woman, and humiliates everybody who is not a Muslim.

How important is it for a Muslim that a Koran is treated with respect?

The Islamic theology teaches that the Koran is the word of God. The word of god is part of God. The properties of God are thus also applicable to his words. When god is eternal so is his word.In the Islamic system the printed or hand written Koran represents the word of God. Thus those who soil, shred or burn the paper on which the Koran is printed or written, try to soil, shred or burn God him self. Of course the devout can not allow such an attack on their God.The Koran preaches peace. True or false?True, but that peace will only come about when every body has submitted to Islam. Only then there will be peace. In the mean time, every where on earth evil and unbelief has to be attacked. 

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