Indoctrinating Pakistani Children to Kill “Blasphemers”


Circa 2006

From The Daily Times of Pakistan, Monday 2/25/08,  School-going children stage anti-blasphemy protest”: 

“This is Not Extremism, But Our Love for Our Holy Prophet.”

LAHORE: A few dozens of schoolchildren held an anti-blasphemy demonstration on the Multan Road to protest against the publishing of sketches of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in Danish newspapers. The protest, termed an awakening call for the students of a few private schools, was arranged by Bazam-e-Pegham, an association working with the aim to “enlighten” students on Islam.Some teachers and Bazam-e-Pegham society members also accompanied the students in the protest. The students, wearing shrouds, posed as Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed.  

[Note: “Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed,” was a Muslim who murdered Mahashe Rajpal, the Lahore publisher of a pamphlet (written by an anonymous author in May, 1924) entitled Rangila Rasul (Merry making Prophet), which was written in reply to Muslim publications attacking Krishna, and Swami Dayanand. Following Muslim outcry, Rajpal was arrested and sentenced by a lower court but acquitted in April, 1929 by a Christian Judge of the High Court after a prolonged trial, lasting 5-years. He was stabbed to death for this “blasphemy” soon after the acquittal, by an enraged Muslim. When Rajpal’s killer was hanged in October, 1929, a number of Muslim leaders of Lahore, including the poet, Sir Muhammed Iqbal, participated in the murderer’s funeral procession, hailing him as  Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed,” the martyr.] 

The students of the Allama Iqbal High School and Lahore Islamic Mission High School branches in the Canal View Housing Society and on Wahdat Road participated in the protest. A Bazam-e-Pegham spokesman told Daily Times that the protest was to send a message to Denmark that the students of the city were ready to sacrifice their lives for the love of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). “This is not extremism, but our love for our Holy Prophet (PBUH),” said the spokesman. He said the demonstration was also a call for rejecting European products.

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