Abbas the Peacemaker, Speaks (Again) in Arabic


Training Hizballah Jihadists Now Added to His “Peacemaking” Credentials

Mahmoud Abbas, the “Peace Partner” better known for his jihad terror activities, Holocaust denial (the subject of his pseudo-Ph.D), and espousal of Koranic Antisemitism, drops all pretenses in an interview with the Jordanian daily al-Dustur, reported in today’s Jerusalem Post (2/28/08). Repeatedly invoking the common synonym for jihad, i.e., “resistance,” and making other even more frank admissions, Abbas admitted,  

…that he does not rule out returning to the path of armed “resistance” against Israel and took pride in the fact that he had been the first to fire on Israel and that his organization had trained Hizbullah…

Abbas said that he was opposed to an armed struggle against Israel – for the time being.  “At this present juncture, I am opposed to the armed struggle because we can’t succeed in it, but maybe in the future things will be different” 

The PA president also expressed pride both in himself and his organization, Fatah, for trailblazing the path of resistance.  

“I had the honor of firing the first shot in 1965 and of being the one who taught resistance to many in the region and around the world; what it’s like; when it is effective and when it isn’t effective; its uses, and what serious, authentic and influential resistance is”  

“It is common knowledge when and how resistance is detrimental and when it is well timed…We (Fatah) had the honor of leading the resistance and we taught resistance to everyone, including Hizbullah, who trained in our military camps.” 

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