Judenrein Jordan’s Largest Political Party “Rejects Unequivocally” Bush’s Re-Affirmation of Israel as a Jewish State

From this story, (hat tip Jihad Watch) we learn that The Islamic Action Front—Jabhat al-‘Amal al-Islami, Arabic: جبهة العمل الإسلامي —founded in 1992, as the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, and the largest and most influential political party in this “moderate” Arab Muslim nation—as per its official spokesman Rhayyel Gharaibeh, proclaimed,  

“We are awaiting a clear Jordanian official attitude that rejects Israel as a Jewish state and sticks to the Palestinian people’s right to an independent and a fully sovereign state as well as to the right of refugees [meaning to infidels: the “right” to demographically overwhelm and destroy/Islamize Israel, i.e. jihad by demography.] 

Mr. Land/Identity Gharaibeh, added: 

Bush’s hostile statement represents one of the stages of the liquidation of the Palestinian question, the offshoots of which will affect the rights of the Palestinian and Jordanian peoples as well as neighbouring Arab countries…The recognition of the Jewish nature of Israel heralds a new aggression as well as a new chapter of the conspiracy against Arab rights. 

The depressing reality is that such stark raving, ahistorical drivel is accepted “wisdom” not only among the Muslim masses (both Arab and non-Arab), but by a universe of equally uninformed, Antisemitic, venal, worn out, or just plain dumb “elites” involved in “Peace Processing.” Such elites would do well to learn some basic facts for example about the chronic plight (i.e.,  jihad-imposed dhimmitude, for more than a millennium), and brutal pogroms, expropriations, and expulsions of some 900,000 Oriental Jews between 1941 and 1967, in the era leading up to, and following Israel’s creation—a creation which was in full compliance with international law.  Moreover, “moderate” Jordan itself—some 78% of the original League of Nations Mandate for a Jewish National Home in all of historical Palestine—remains Judenrein by Law, as summarized in historian David Littman’s 2002 essay:

Jordan covered 78 percent of Palestine as designated by the League of Nations in 1922. Turning a blind eye to article 15 of the League of Nations Mandate, Great Britain decided in 1922 that no Jews would be authorized either to reside or buy land in what was now the Emirate of Transjordan. This decision was ratified by the kingdom of Jordan in its law No. 6, sect. 3, of April 3, 1954 (reactivated in law no. 7, sect. 2, of April 1, 1963), which states that any person may become a citizen of Jordan if he is not a Jew. Even when Jordan made peace with Israel in 1994, this Judenrein legislation remained.  

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