Heshie’s Neo-Con-undrum?


Have any of you guys seen Heshie?

From the what took so long to register this absurd accusation file?—comes this appropriately conspiratorial (read Jewish Neo-Cons ad nauseum) story from one of the prototypical our persecutory fantasies are “news” outlets that inundate the Arab media, Al Arabiya.

News flash to Arab media fantasists peddling Antisemitic conspiracies, and their acolytes:

Major Coughlin isn’t a Neo-Con, and any dolt reading his public access thesis might (appropriately), if they had a reasonable complement of working Betz cells, understand the philosophical differences between Coughlin’s views, and those actually espoused by some of the most outspoken Neo-Cons.

But alas, here is the conspiratorial reductio ad absurdum Al-Arabiya narrative in its floridly (if typically) paranoid essence:

“Neo-con congressmen are expected to ask for an official investigation into his removal from office.”

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